[extropy-chat] H+ to "finally" break into mainstream with your help

Russell Rukin russell.rukin at lineone.net
Tue Aug 22 13:39:15 UTC 2006

I'm involved in H+ project with a hand picked group of commercial 
advertising executives, coders, designers and artists to propel a well 
know H+ project (well known in our circles) into public consciousness in 
a variety of unique ways.

We need translators for our project, all languages, the work shouldn't 
be too time consuming, roughly 10 pages light text and it will be paid 
(so you have to be over 18). If possible you will be reasonably web 
literate (knowledge of how to use forums, lists, social networks etc). 
We currently have Spanish, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Turkish and may have 
Dutch and Czech on the way (but please get in touch if you can cover 
these last two languages as it may not work out).

We'll also be needing volunteers when the site goes live (hopefully 
towards the end of September) to really fuel the fire but I'll post 
again about that when we are live.

The project will be a year long push and although not directly mentioned 
in our marketing effort I think it will generate massive interest in all 
H+ projects and memes.

Those wishing to offer translations can get in touch with me at 
russell.rukin at lineone.net

Cheers Russell R

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