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Mon Jan 2 05:30:17 UTC 2006

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> > Thanks BillK.  I did assume everyone here readily capable
> > of verbal self defense.  If someone wishes to engage in
> > verbal sparring including personal attacks, I personally
> > have no problem with their doing it in private.
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> > Any other thoughts?  spike
> It is unacceptable for any member of our list to be personally
> attacked, period.  I don't care if it is done in public where we can
> see it, or whether they are attacked privately in e-mail.  Such attacks
> are undesired behavior.  Nobody wants to attract personal attacks via
> this list, any more than they want to attract spam or stalkers.
> What are you doing, Spike?  First you allow off-topic politics.  Then
> you encourage arguments as a valid form of communications.  Now this.
> There seems to be an obvious pattern, but I can't discern a useful
> purpose.
> --
> Harvey Newstrom <HarveyNewstrom.com>

Harvey your concern is noted.  I was hoping to avoid having
ExI members complain to the moderators about another ExI 
member harassing them offlist.  I agree that any attack is 
undesirable behavior, but I see that issue as one of the risks
of posting your thoughts in public.  Any public figure 
must accept this.  We recognize that extropy sometimes 
attracts eccentric characters, but what the hey, we like
eccentric characters.  There is little we can do about 

Spam of course we can and do take action against.  I can
show you a pile of junk the ExI spam filters catch.  The
reason I know about this is it sends me a damn message every
time it catches a spam.  (gee thanks, spam filter, I really
want to know all about every viagra and watch ad.)  {8^D  

Regarding stalkers, this is an issue for the local 
constabulary or (if you live in Florida and they come 
on your property) Mister Twelve Gage.

Nowthen, concerning your other points.  

> What are you doing, Spike?  First you allow off-topic politics...

I made a controversial judgment call on this one.  We had some ExI 
posters who appeared to be boiling over to discuss the Second Iraq
war, which turned out to be really about the U.S. constitution
vs. international law.  I can see how that directly impacts the 
extropian vision of the future in many ways.  

I suggested a week to discuss it, they did, many learned 
much.  Now I would consider those kinds of topics fair 
game.  The posters have been good about avoiding
the boring and useless republicans this, democrats that, 
yakkity yak and bla bla.  As long as the posters maintain
some semblance of order and some level of relevance to
extropy, I still think it is fair game.  I am hoping to
avoid an SL4-style list sniper task.  I fully understand
and agree with SL4 for doing that, but ExI is more a
general topic list.

>...Then you encourage arguments as a valid form of communications...

Ja, it is a valid form of communications.  Are you objecting
to the term "arguments"?  Arguments need not be heated, nor
do they need to be insulting.  Arguments can be educational.

>  ...Now this...

Ja, now this.

> There seems to be an obvious pattern, but I can't discern a useful
> purpose.

Nor can I.  Open to suggestion.  I will not referee every
rassling match that breaks out; I have not the time for



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