[extropy-chat] Aubrey de Grey on 60 Minutes Sunday, January 1st

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Mon Jan 2 05:35:55 UTC 2006

Here's the transcript:


Also, some commentary from the MPrize:


On 12/30/05, Hughes, James J. <james.hughes at trincoll.edu> wrote:
> >From Longevity Meme:
> http://www.longevitymeme.org/news/view_news_item.cfm?news_id=2141
> 60 Minutes On Radical Life Extension
> Biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey - advocate for the Strategies
> for Engineered Negligible Senescence, a path towards and justification
> for real anti-aging medicine - Jay Olshansky and other scientists will
> be appearing on 60 Minutes on Sunday, January 1st in a segment on
> radical life extension: "60 Minutes is planning three stories about
> beginning anew this New Year's Day. ... We'll also take a look at new
> medical research that may lead to people living much longer lives than
> we ever thought possible, maybe even 400 or 500 years. Some doctors
> believe with medical breakthroughs on the horizon, humans can live much
> longer lives."
> "Up Next" at 60 Minutes:
> http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/1998/07/08/60minutes/main13502.shtml
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