[extropy-chat] Politics: worthwhile commentary

Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 18:02:12 UTC 2006

I apologize, yet it was just a little good natured public chiding, like, 'it takes a twit to know one-- at least one of us two twits will own up to being one'.
  Just one more point concerning white supremacists or confederates or whatever label they are given. I don't mind if they come out and say, "We don't like the way mud people look; we don't want to live in their communities; be exposed to their criminal activities and don't want to send children to integrated schools. We think too many of the mud people are slothful; they claim victimhood too much and they get affirmative action". None of these sentiments are particularly unfair.
  But when you look at what Melissa Johnson wrote you can see right away she isn't being candid, when her cipher is cracked it says she doesn't care much for nonwhites in the first place, affirmative action is a lesser concern. She wouldn't mind quotas favoring whites.
  I would prefer to read an article by a neo-nazi because right away it can be seen what they want, it's clinically fascinating to read. However with a cryptic piece you have to decipher the writer's code.

> Al, if someone insults you offlist, that is fair game, but it isn't fair
> game for you to post their private messages to the whole world. Do desist,

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