[extropy-chat] Scholars debate whether to limitscientific research ???

Hughes, James J. james.hughes at trincoll.edu
Wed Jan 4 14:52:58 UTC 2006

> Bioethics my ass, its just a bunch of brainless dogs in the 
> manger, pathetic but worse than  any lunatic terrorist.

I hope you will distinguish between bioconservatives like Kass, who are
actually a minority among bioethicists, and the secular bioethics
majority who are increasingly tilting our way.

An example is Arthur Caplan, considered the dean of American bioethics,
who coined the term "yuck factor" in order to deride it, and who is now
an open champion of the right to use enhancements. For instance, in
Kathy Schulz' recent article on neuro-enhancement in the Nation she
says: "Arthur Caplan, director of the University of Pennsylvania's
Center for Bioethics, is a champion of neuroenhancement..."


You can also see him take apart the biocon Carl Elliot and defend
enhancement here:


We have also attracted about 40 bioethicists to our upcoming conference
on "Human Enhancement Technologies and Human Rights" with most papers
leaning toward a right to enhancement:


Bioethicists do have concerns about safety, efficacy and equity, as
should we. But most are on the side of consumer rights to choose.

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