[extropy-chat] XM Passport: miniature satellite radio tuner

Neil H. neuronexmachina at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 03:43:41 UTC 2006

I thought this was an interesting bit of technology, and quite a leap over
systems from just a few years ago. I wonder what sorts of new systems this
might enable. Perhaps an XM USB key or an XM SD device?


"The XM Passport measures only 1.3 inches wide, 1.65 inches long,
0.44inches thick, yet this miniature cartridge contains the entire XM
tuner needed to deliver XM Satellite Radio to a wide array of XM Ready
products, including home stereo and home theater systems, DVD players,
mini/micro-shelf systems, car radios, clock radios, boomboxes, and the new
Samsung NEXUS XMP3 digital audio player. The XM Passport is inserted into a
docking station connected to the product, or it is inserted directly into a
port offered by the manufacturer, and it will deliver XM Satellite Radio to
the product. The XM Passport is approximately 40 times smaller than the
original trunk mount XM radio tuners introduced just four years ago.

"Consumers can purchase an XM Passport for $29.99 (MSRP) and home and car
docking stations ($29.99 each) at retailers beginning in spring 2006. The XM
Passport will come bundled with the upcoming Samsung NEXUS XM/MP3 digital
audio players and connect to the home docking station (supplied) and car
dock (optional). The user can carry the one XM Passport between home and car
docks for live reception of XM's signal in both environments."
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