[extropy-chat] Ice cores show warming 'natural' (or not)

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Mon Jan 9 20:02:45 UTC 2006

>The only "significant" negative impacts one can envision out of global warming are shutting down the Gulf Stream (which may require >melting the Greenland ice cap -- or *more*) and what is probably worse -- a massive melting of the methane clathrates throughout >the world.  However neither of those situations is being predicted by currently envisioned global warming. 

Care to elaborate on WHY neither of these has been brought the the attention of the lay person? If you go out in public and ask people if they are scared of global warming, a lot will probbaly say yes, but when asked why they won't have an answer. They only know that they have been conditioned to fear a gradual change in average temperature by a degree or two over a period of decades. Usually the fear mongers make up all sorts of whacky reasons to scare people, but the have constantly overlooked the methane clathrates that may be responsible for such things as the Permian-Triassic extinction event. Instead, people worry about retreating glaciers, melting ice caps and wacky weather. 
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