[extropy-chat] Ice cores show warming 'natural' (or not)

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Tue Jan 10 00:26:52 UTC 2006

--- Robert Bradbury <robert.bradbury at gmail.com> wrote:

> The only "significant" negative impacts one can
> envision out of global
> warming are shutting down the Gulf Stream (which may
> require melting the
> Greenland ice cap -- or *more*) and what is probably
> worse -- a massive
> melting of the methane clathrates throughout the
> world.  However neither of
> those situations is being predicted by currently
> envisioned global warming.

Well there are other more subtle threats. For example
global warming is believed to be partially responsible
(along with increased air travel) for the spreading
northward of tropical disease vectoring insects such
as mosquitos carrying dengue fever, yellow fever, west
nile virus, and all sorts of nasty plagues to northern



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