[extropy-chat] The Martinot situation - from [GRG] French Cryonics Prohibition

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Wed Jan 11 00:03:29 UTC 2006

Public health: this being a home rig (as opposed to a dedicated,
professional facility), what happens if the cryo's interrupted
by the vessels breaching?  Decomposing bodies are most certainly
detrimental to public health, unless contained (like, say,

Public order: merely storing the bodies is one thing, but
charging for tours is another.  Contrast with, say, Alcor, which
has a financial dependance on serving its patients rather than
on the public thinking this novel and/or macabre.

If this had been a dedicated, professional facility (with plans
for what happens in case of breach, and no nonprofessionalisms
like charging for tours), the odds might have been better.

--- Robert Bradbury <robert.bradbury at gmail.com> wrote:

> Some of you may recall our discussion of the Martinot situation in
> the
> past.  Here is the latest update.
> Interesting that the justification was "the interests of public order
> and
> public health".
> Yes, public "health" certainly might suffer if the population came to
> realize that all of the people one has allowed to "die" could have
> been
> saved and I suppose public "order" might suffer if religions as a
> group came
> to realize that they didn't have the exclusive "lock" on life after
> death
> anymore.  But I'd *love* to see that reasoning spelled out in
> writing.
> Robert
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> Will be interesting to see what the final outcome is.
> But I don't see cryosuspension becoming remotely commonplace
> until there is some demonstration of reanimation.
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