[extropy-chat] re: father of lsd turns 100

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Wed Jan 11 14:08:04 UTC 2006

Reposting my message from December 1, 2005.
Subject: Spirits (was RE: [extropy-chat] Qualia Bet.)

>In any case, Amara is right, I should stay with
>the medical research.

You can also go to a symposium (you will hear a mix of everything)

International Symposium on the occasion of the 100th Birthday of
Albert Hofmann
13 to 15 January 2006 Convention Center Basel, Switzerland


<begin quote>
On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Dr. Albert Hofmann on 11
January 2006, the Gaia Media Foundation stages an International
Symposium on the most widely known and most controversial discovery of
this outstanding scientist.

LSD - three letters that changed the world. Since 19 April 1943, the
day Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered this psychoactive
substance, millions of people all over the world have experienced a
higher reality with profound and psychological insights and spiritual
renewal; created innovative social transformation, music, art, and
fashion; were healed from addiction and depression; experienced
enlightened insights into the human consciousness.

Some 60 years later experts will present an in-depth review of all
aspects of this unique phenomenon, informing and discussing history,
experiences, implications, assess the risks and benefits of this most
potent of all psychoactive substances. LSD -  a challenge in the past,
now, and in the future.
<end quote>



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