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On 1/12/06, Jose Cordeiro <jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  Dear friends,
>      I am writing to let you know that I am withdrawing my candidacy for
> the WTA Board. Regardless all my time and dedication, I have seen things in
> the WTA getting worse instead of getting be! tter. The double standards,
> unethical practices, financial mismanagement, political recrimination, lack
> of transparency, immoral behavior and blatantly open lies of some of its
> leaders have been enough for me. Please, I urge to go over the WTA Board
> files that are open to paying members, and see for yourself.
>      The drop that finally tilted the glass is the double morality exposed
> by some directors in order not to expulse Mr. D… Medvedev, who has defended
> Stalin because of "his overall contribut! ion is overwhelmingly positive"
> regardless of "a significant number of people were executed and a large
> number starved in a drought". Some WTA Board members want to keep him
> because "he is The webmaster of the Russian Transhumanist Movement" and "he
> is an excellent translator of technical, transhumanist ideas between his Native
> language and English". This shows a total lack of respect for human lives,
> freedom and human values, not only from Mr. D… Medvedev but from some of
> the current WTA Board members, whose view is simply not compatible with
> humanism, and even les with the transhumanist ideas that I believe we have
> to strive for.

And I thought it was only me...
Anyway, welcome to reality and sanity.

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