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I doubt that your botched circumcision scenario is any more common than the case where the wrong leg gets amputated. It's a great story for creating fear and general awareness but the child is probably more likely to die in the car trip home from the hospital. 

As for circumcision, it is my understanding that it is much easier to keep clean when circumcised. I can only imagine that though as I was circumcised as an infant. I can tell you that I have personally never experienced any of the supposed problems others claim and have wondered whether or not circumcision has just been a convenient excuse for symptoms of other problems. 
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    My son is due June.  I jumped the gun in announcing this, 
    because we are still high risk of miscarriage.  Since you
    bring this up, I apologize in advance for a topic that
    is not extropic.  But you are my friends and I need some
    friendly advice:

    To circumcise, or not.  Why or nhy?  Offlist OK. 

  Well, I guess it's in a clearly identifiable thread that can be easily skipped by people who aren't interested in it... I can't give you a definitive answer to the question; I'm no medical expert. But one thing you might want to take into account when making the decision: I saw an article awhile back about some number of baby boys who had a circumcision botched to the point where doctors found it necessary to go for a full sex change operation. (It turned out badly: on reaching adolescence, they found themselves psychologically male in female bodies; that was the context in which I came across the article.) What the percentage of this is, I don't know.

  - Russell 


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