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"Hughes, James J." <james.hughes at trincoll.edu> wrote:
  If any of you have advise on ways I
can improve my communication skills, and my work on behalf of the WTA,
please let me know: director at transhumanism.org. Please be frank. 
       The best thing for you would be to resign immediately. This is my very frank and direct advise. First you were never elected Executive Director, and then you even changed the WTA Board minutes to try to change reality. Nonetheless, we in the WTA Board gave you a one-year trial period, and the results for you look very bad. You should resign immediately since you are becoming more of a liability than of an asset for the WTA.
       As Mikko Rauhala very calmly said about you "I really don't see WTA viable with him at the top either, because of his ability to make enemies if nothing else". I only wish the enemies were only inside the transhumanist movement, but James is also making them everywhere. James is like the scorpion: it runs in his nature.
       James with all your hatred towards people who don't share your socialist and Stalinist positions, the WTA has no good future. Calling Natasha a "bitch", calling Joseph Bloch a "recalcitrant neocon", calling me an "underdeveloped ringhtwinger", and on and on and on. You already had problems with very respectable former members of the WTA Board like Harvey Newstrom, Bruce Klein and Eliezer Yudkowsky, and others before and more to come after. In a very preliminary survey that Harvey Newstrom was doing while at the WTA Board, he asked people about their impressions concerning the WTA. Unfortunately, the impressions were very bad, and particularly about the leadership. Maybe you should publish some of his findings for all to read. By the way, many people have written to me about how to see the WTA Board files, so please send the information for all to see and get in the files.
       Financially, you should be in jail or at least fired. Any decent institution who has lost about $ 12,000 because of your incompetence, would fire you immediately. Also, I request all the WTA members not to give any more money to the WTA until the financial statements are audited, which James Hughes has constantly delayed, even a free audit. I feel sorry for the Finns, as a quarter of the contributing members, who have been giving money to a mismanaged black hole.
       However, my final point is your total lack of ethics and your perverse double morality. Supporting Stalinist views for a nice web page and a good Russian translation don't speak well about your morality.
       Transhumanistically yours,

La vie est belle!

Yosé (www.cordeiro.org)

Caracas, Venezuela, Americas, TerraNostra, Solar System, Milky Way, Multiverse

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