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> Quotes:
> The first Human Security Report documents a dramatic, but largely
> unknown, decline in the number of wars, genocides and human rights
> abuse over the past decade. Published by Oxford University Press, the
> Report argues that the single most compelling explanation for these
> changes is found in the unprecedented upsurge of international
> activism, spearheaded by the UN, which took place in the wake of the
> Cold War.
> BillK

This is great BillK, thanks!  

If these threads morph, do change the subject line.  We have 
been letting the WTA air their laundry here, but we should 
avoid having fifty posts titled JAMES HUGHES SHOULD RESIGN
if it isn't about that topic.  Many of us are carefully
staying out of that business.  {8^D  Note that I am not saying
not to post on that topic, just label it correctly, thanks.

I figure a good part of the reason human security has
dramatically improved is due to the internet.  Consider
the present tension between Eritrea and Ethiopia.  The
mainstream press doesn't say much about it, but anyone
with a cheap computer and a phone can find out everything
as it happens.



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