[extropy-chat] circumcision

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Fri Jan 13 04:21:47 UTC 2006

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> Subject: Re: [extropy-chat] circumcision
> I can't believe that otherwise well-informed adults are seriously
> considering circumcision as a valid option for a child. Clearly
> children are unable to give informed consent for a medical procedure...

Thanks Acy, this is close to my own thinking.  Number 2
on the extropian principles is self transformation, and
number 6 is self direction.  My notion is that this kind
of decision should be left to the owner.

>From this group I am surprised no one suggested that
stem cell technology may soon make the procedure
reversible.  Had this been suggested, I would have
morphed toward a discussion of possible emotional
impact from what must be nearly unimaginable agony
at the age of 8 days.

Thanks to all who posted, both onlist and off.  I
intend to make a stand on this.  He will go natural
unless and until he decides otherwise.



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