[extropy-chat] circumcision

M.B. Baumeister mbb386 at main.nc.us
Fri Jan 13 15:40:13 UTC 2006

> As for the trauma. At that age, the act of circumcision is not remembered
> and there are no credible studies to suggest that this pain affects the
> child. Think about it, 8 days ago the baby was pushed out of its mother
> which is much more painful than circumcision.

Perhaps there's something I'm missing here... what's with the "8 days"
bit? My son was circumcised in the delivery room within moments of the

Why? Because it was common practice, as far as we knew, at the time. If we
had it to do over, I think I would *not* choose circumcision. Mainly
because I don't have any solid reason *for* it and am now more averse to
needless (and as far as I know pointless) medical procedures.


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