[extropy-chat] REAL POLITIK IN THE WTA... and so long...

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 14 20:01:52 UTC 2006

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> Subject: Re: [extropy-chat] REAL POLITIK IN THE WTA... and so long...
> In my experience the WTA has largely put forward the notion than
> transhumanism requires socialism ...
> - samantha

I will accept this as fact unless someone from WTA is
hanging out here and offers a counter argument.

This notion simplifies matters considerably, for
it appears to me that transhumanism requires capitalism.
Transhumanism thrives on individual freedom, loooots 
of free-flowing capital, profit motive, getting 
governments out of our way (insert Howard-Dean-ish 
YEEAAAAHH), wealth creation, etc.   


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