[extropy-chat] REAL POLITIK IN THE WTA... and so long...

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> > In my experience the WTA has largely put forward the notion than
> > transhumanism requires socialism ...
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> > - samantha
> I will accept this as fact unless someone from WTA is
> hanging out here and offers a counter argument.
> This notion simplifies matters considerably, for
> it appears to me that transhumanism requires capitalism.
> Transhumanism thrives on individual freedom, loooots
> of free-flowing capital, profit motive, getting
> governments out of our way (insert Howard-Dean-ish
> YEEAAAAHH), wealth creation, etc.

A reading of this piece with that in mind would be helpful:


"In the Deseret News, a somewhat depressing look at early skirmishes in the
war over who gets to control what you are permitted to do with your own
life - including how long you are permitted to live. It's sad that it has
come to this, that so many people pour resources in fighting for control
of - and thereby supporting and sustaining - an increasingly dangerous and
corrupt system. Consider this: in a truly free society of small government
and rule of law, employees of the state would not have the power to block
support and development of real anti-aging technologies, nor block your
opportunity to amass wealth and purchase working anti-aging medicine. To
live longer or not would be an individual choice; the only need for
resources would be to develop the necessary medical technologies - not to
defend your health and life from uncaring, over-empowered government


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