[extropy-chat] REAL POLITIK IN THE WTA... and so long...

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 14 21:21:46 UTC 2006

> > governments out of our way (insert Howard-Dean-ish
> > YEEAAAAHH), wealth creation, etc.
> >
> Spike, I agree with you regarding the necessity of individual drivers
> of growth, but what is often disregarded is the cooperative framework
> that supports such individual growth, and the overwhelming (in the
> long term) benefits of synergetic organization.
> [I hope this isn't construed as support for socialism and central
> management.]
> - Jef

Jef your comment is right in line with my own thinking.  This
cooperative framework that supports individual growth is a
corporation.  Team up with others, specialize to whatever
degree you are comfortable, then work like mad to devour the
other guys' lunch.  Of course he is struggling to devour
yours.  But at the end of the day, the winning corporation wins,
and the consumer wins.  The losing corporation, well, it is made 
of individual consumers, so it wins in an indirect sort of 
way.  It's all about wealth creation as opposed to wealth
redistribution.  What a system!

In modern times there is a new holy grail, far beyond
making the best trinkets for the least money.  Today
we are standing on the threshold of a dream.  On the 
visible horizon is radical life extension, health improvement, 
intelligence enhancement, wealth creation that boggles the 
mind.  May we all live to see it happen.


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