[extropy-chat] Politics of the WTA

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 15 00:05:11 UTC 2006

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> Subject: RE: [extropy-chat] Politics of the WTA
> > ### At the time I decided not post on wta lists it was
> > socialist in the sense of limiting expression of
> > non-socialist worldviews by selective moderation.
> If telling you to take your political fights off-line is socialist then
> I guess a lot of people on this list are socialist also.
> J.

Evolution forbid, oy vey.  

We never really did come up with a solution on moderating
political material that was acceptable to all.  Some left 
ExI-chat because it was too political, others because it 
wasn't political enough.  We decided when in doubt, let it go
out: meaning, keep moderation to a bare minimum or less.  {8-]

Political discussion is allowed on ExI-chat, but personal
attacks are not.  ExI-chat has a lot of libertarians and
those sympathetic with libertarian notions, but Extropy 
Institute itself does not specifically endorse any one
political persuasion.  See question 2:


Ideally we could have their political discussions
without attacking each other.  It has worked fairly well
since about last summer.



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