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Jack Parkinson isthatyoujack at icqmail.com
Sun Jan 15 01:33:46 UTC 2006

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 Samantha Atkins said:

>Wholesale rewriting of history and denial of atrocities has nothing to do 
>with reason on informed >debate.  Such denials are not debatable.

Being an ostrich has nothing to do with reason or informed debate either. 
Everything is debatable.

>The notion that all opinions no matter how absurd or evil are worthy of 
>defense and serious >consideration is shallow thinking.

No, it is pragmatic acceptance of reality. Few things are ever decided for 
all eternity. Maybe nothing is. Remember Roe vs Wade? How long did it take 
for that heady feeling of victory to be replaced by the dull realization 
that this battle will need to be fought again - and probably again and 

>I do get to decide what I sanction and abhor.  So do groups of people and 
>organizations.  By >what they sanction and stand for they will be judged. 
>Debate is not limited.  Having such an open >mind that your brains fall out 
>is not "debate" or respect for reality.

Sanction is an interesting word - a 'contronym' - a word that means its own 
opposite. It has the dual sense of both allowing and restricting. In the 
second sense, sanction is no more than imposing your point of view and 
refusing to listen to the protests. Where is the logic or merit in that?

>What does this "respect" of politics or religion mean?

I take it to mean that everyone has the right to believe what they like.

>Does it mean that we don't rigorously examine and criticize each other's 
>notions in these areas?

No. And nor is this implied in my post. But it is the NOTION that ought to 
be the subject of criticism, not the person....
Jack Parkinson 

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