[extropy-chat] REAL POLITIK IN THE WTA... and so long...

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Sun Jan 15 09:36:51 UTC 2006

On Jan 14, 2006, at 3:09 PM, Hughes, James J. wrote:

>> especially since
>> Mr Medvedev was a WTA functionary.
> Mr. Medvedev is not a WTA functionary. He's not even a functionary of
> the Russian Transhumanist Association. Currently he is barred from
> posting on the WTA lists, and his posts have been moderated since the
> Board originally debated the matter.  After next week, he may not be a
> member of the WTA since we will be voting on whether to expel him.

Ah.  So now you take action.  Good to see you changing your tune  
after all the mealy-mouthed platitudes and inaction.

> As to the need to moderate vituperative political debates on the WTA
> lists, to which you objected in the past, I note that the same debate
> about the appropriateness of political debate, and vituperation, has
> also occurred here.

I was one of the libertarians ran off your list ages ago.  You  
condoned those practices.  I haven't forgotten.  The vituperative  
energy was mostly on the other side  but libertarians got to be the  
scapegoats.  I have not believed that you are at all interested in  
"debate" or in being inclusive ever since.  But the Medvedev  
tolerance you practiced for so long was beyond anything I would have  
believed if I had not seen it myself.

I am glad you are now taking action but it is too late.  Your colors  
have been seen.

- samantha

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