[extropy-chat] HACCP as a tool to Integrate/Synchronize Disruptive Technologies

Lifespan Pharma/Morris Johnson CTO megao at sasktel.net
Sun Jan 15 14:56:44 UTC 2006

Some thoughts about novel ways to deploy "next generation"   HACCP high 
level management systems.

One can deploy HACCP protocols  to integrate and synchronize and 
optimize disruptive technologies

Was reading a piece in "CIO Insight"  -RFID article  while watching Star 
Trek Enterprise- episode about "temporal management"  with consideration
of - food/nutriceutical/drug security-bioterrorism-agroterrorism  HACCP 
applications article.

HACCP  for disruptive technology  tools:

RFID - transactional tool
HACCP for Humans - lifespan/healthspan  sentience optimization tool
Carnivore/Internet  et. al.- information and security managment tools
GPS/GIS- logistical management tool
Bio-Cyber-Nano  HACCP- biomechanical  management tool

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