[extropy-chat] Re: HACCP as a tool to Integrate/Synchronize Disruptive Technologies

Lifespan Pharma/Morris Johnson CTO megao at sasktel.net
Sun Jan 15 15:52:08 UTC 2006

Lifespan Pharma/Morris Johnson CTO wrote:

> Lifespan Pharma/Morris Johnson CTO wrote:
>> Some thoughts about novel ways to deploy "next generation"   HACCP 
>> high level management systems.
>> One can deploy HACCP protocols  to integrate and synchronize and 
>> optimize disruptive technologies
>> Was reading a piece in "CIO Insight"  -RFID article  while watching 
>> Star Trek Enterprise- episode about "temporal management"  with 
>> consideration
>> of - food/nutriceutical/drug security-bioterrorism-agroterrorism  
>> HACCP applications article.
>> HACCP  for disruptive technology  tools:
>> RFID - transactional tool
>> HACCP for Humans - lifespan/healthspan  sentience optimization tool
>> Carnivore/Internet  et. al.- information and security managment tools
>> GPS/GIS- logistical management tool
>> Bio-Cyber-Nano  HACCP- biomechanical  management tool
> Think Tanks like Exi  and Futuretag can work to deploy HACCP protocols 
> as a Singularity Managment Tool and do so as a commercial venture.
> It is my opinion that the gravitational eddys of the singularity have 
> been upon us since perhaps 1995 when the functional seamless global  
> internet
> began to displace  all other mediums of connectivity and facilitated 
> real-time  access to knowledge of a broad spectrum of  technological
> change events while similtaneously   corroding conventional barriers 
> to  social interaction .
> An thus, such broad discussion as that below becomes a daily coffee 
> row instead of being sequestered in some obscure clique of techies.
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