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On 1/14/06, Jack Parkinson <isthatyoujack at icqmail.com> wrote:
> In the
> second sense, sanction is no more than imposing your point of view and
> refusing to listen to the protests. Where is the logic or merit in that?

I offer to provide enough 'protests' to keep you reading/listening
24/7, 365.25 days a year. No lunch breaks, no sleep, no hobbies, no
day job. Since there's never any logic or merit in "refusing to listen
to the protests", you must of course agree wholeheartedly to spend all
your time on whatever I choose to ramble at you about. Right? Right.

Or perhaps the existence of limited resources entails we pick and
choose just what positions we consider worth listening to or debating,
and to what extent, with whom, and in what context.
Jeff Medina

*** The objection above is only superficially valid. It reads
commonsensically - albeit exaggeratedly - but it is predicated on the
assumption there is no differentiation between 'signal' and 'noise' in the
protests offered.  My previous post does make it clear that rants, raves and
rubbish can - and should be mercilessly trashed. Just lets not throw out the
baby with the bathwater.
Jack Parkinson

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