[extropy-chat] nuclear non-proliferation as energy strategy ?

user user at dhp.com
Tue Jan 17 16:25:36 UTC 2006

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, Brian Lee wrote:

> The last plan I saw was that the EU/US wanted to provide the enriched 
> uranium to fuel Iran's future reactors. Iran was against that and so we're 
> at where we are today. So I guess there's no solution that gives Iran the 
> capability to make nuclear fuel without the capability to make weapons grade 
> material.

Which seems sensible from a "we're scared of brown people" standpoint, but
from Irans standpoint ... I would reject that plan as well.  If they
really were (a big if) interested in modern electrical power
infrastructure to tie their developing country to, why shackle yourself to
the goodwill of others to provide the necessary fuel ?

Again, it seems like a perfect role reversal, and if I were Iran I would
balk too...

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