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> ...  So assuming the mirror reflecting
> westward notion, it would take ~700 billion years to
> spin up the earth to a milliradian per second...
> spike

Note however that the moon has only about a thousandth
the moment of inertia of the earth, with a sixteenth
the surface area.  Using the mirror scheme, we might
get it spun to a milliradian per second in about forty
billion years.  With about a quarter the radius and
about a sixth the gravity, we need not get up to
quite a milliradian per second to achieve weightlessness
at the lunar equator, two thirds of a mrad/sec would
do, so 25-ish billion.

Better still might be to spin up the tiny moons of
Mars, or use the asteroids.  One could imagine
spinning them fast enough that one experiences 
negative acceleration at the equator.  Then whenever MBrain 
nodes come off the nano-assembly line, they are not 
launched but rather gently allowed go on their way to
a thought-filled cosmic eternity.  

There is a compelling peacefulness to this scenario.


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