[extropy-chat] next generation of ion engines

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That's the classic "let's wait for the singularity" argument.  Well, why do anything until after the singularity?  I think we should all tell the researchers and pioneers to stop work until the singularity comes.  Why waste any efforts now?  Instead, forget your work and just get out there and party.  :)  (Okay, just trying my hand at a little humor here.  No offense intended.)

To be more serious, I'd rather see the or any singularity from a distance.  If it turns nasty, perhaps there'd be a tiny chance of surviving.  Why have all your eggs in the singularity basket?


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  Though we probably do not like to discuss it there *is* a point in the development in the singularity where later launched spacecraft will have resources at their disposal that significantly exceed the capabilities of spacecraft launched at an earlier time.  Recognizing that suggests that the development of the "earlier" spacecraft is relatively pointless. 
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