[extropy-chat] WSJ: A Cold Calculus Leads Cryonauts To Put Assets on Ice

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 24 21:24:45 UTC 2006

Because the person isn't spreading the wealth to other people.
The money just sits there, where no one can get at it.  (Of
course, this is from the point of view of those who assume that
the cryo-preserved definitely can't ever come back, so cryo is
basically an alternate form of burial - or that any multi-decade
restriction on funds like this, where the money is completely
off limits until whoever is expressing the sentiment is also
dead, is inherently wasteful.  These would be, in a sense, the
antithesis of the Long Now Foundation.)

--- brent.allsop at comcast.net wrote:

> The WSJ said:
> ‘Such financial arrangements, which tie up money that might otherwise
> go to heirs or charities, are "more widespread than I originally
> thought," says A. Christopher Sega’
> Why do they always put it like this?
> Queen Latifah can spend all of her money in a completely wasteful
> last bash, not leaving any of it to “heirs or charity” and everyone
> cheers: “You go girl!”
> But if someone lives a thrifty hard working life so he has $10
> million in the end.  (while many of his pears respectfully waste all
> theirs on yachts, planes, space flights – or whatever) And wants to
> save only half of that remaining $10 million for himself – oh man –
> what an evil person!
> Brent Allsop
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