[extropy-chat] WSJ: A Cold Calculus Leads Cryonauts To Put Assets on Ice

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Tue Jan 24 22:40:55 UTC 2006

> The money just sits there? That's just wrong. The money will be entirely
> invested for the entire time supplying much needed capital to the hundreds
> of thousands of businesses and individuals who need it, and know what to
> do with it. By putting it in money market instruments and CDs, corporate
> bonds, junk bonds, stocks, precious metals, REITs, etc., the money will be
> doing far more good for the world than his heirs spending it on Britney
> Spears albums, Aston Martins, and filet mignon, at the same time the
> government spends their share on god-knows-what. I hope he wakes up a
> trillionaire.

This is exactly my take on it too. I fail to see why people think it is
"out of circulation" - geez, it's not like he going to take the actual
money and had have it frozen with him!

Some folks seem to have no idea what happens when you "save money". Do
they really think it's all sitting there in a bag in the bank? Does
"investing" mean that it somehow isn't being "spent"?



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