[extropy-chat] Being alive timing [was: Stardust at Home]

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 25 05:58:04 UTC 2006

> >A quick glance at The World Fact Book (for the World
> statistics) and use of the google calculator ...
> reveals that the average person in the world
> is living on ~$18/day...

But how can we know?  In many African nations, there is
an income tax in the 30% range that kicks in at an
annual income of 400 dollars.  We can be sure that if
there is any way to hide income, they will.  There
can be plenty of trade that goes on which is not subject
to either sales tax or income tax, because it is intentionally
invisible.  In places where governments take poor people's 
money, there are plenty of poor people.  


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