[extropy-chat] Identity and becoming a Great Old One

Bret Kulakovich bret at bonfireproductions.com
Thu Jan 26 18:45:22 UTC 2006

I am familiar with the 'viral' prospect we are discussing in a manner  
through Greg Baer's Eon - I certainly wouldn't mind going through  
that 'transporter' problem so long as I was not destroyed at the end.

Then there is - urban legend or not - the idea that your Great Old  
One hypothesis happens already, that every cell in our bodies is  
replaced often enough that in x years we are not even the same sack  
of protoplasm we were at life - x years ago.

The Great Old One path, with the relatively unbroken chain of  
consciousness, is my intention.

Not counting the lapse between shutdown and restart spent inert. So  
cryonics could be arguably threaded or patterned - I don't think  
we'll know until it happens. The bulb is out for a very long time  
before the power is restored.

On Jan 26, 2006, at 1:24 PM, Russell Wallace wrote:

> On 1/26/06, Bret Kulakovich <bret at bonfireproductions.com> wrote:
> Would you "go"?
> Are "you" dead?
> I have always thought - If I am a virus, then this is great. Since I
> am conscious, no thanks.
> *nods* As we've seen, you hold the thread view of identity.
> So to test my theory: Suppose you were offered the chance to become  
> a Great Old One, slowly and incrementally, with your chain of  
> consciousness unbroken (_not_ disassembled and reconstructed at any  
> point), would you take it?
> - Russell
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