[extropy-chat] Re: Identity and becoming a Great Old One

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jan 26 23:53:42 UTC 2006

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:

> What difference does it make if it is 10^40 planck increments between 
> when your neurons fire, or 10^53 planck increments between your cryonic 
> suspension and revival? 

Are *you* suggesting that it makes no difference?  A brain contains 
a *lot* of neurons (perhaps not as many as 10^13 though I'd have
to look that up) and they don't all fire together. 

>  You and your wacky anthropomorphic notions 
> about "short times" and "long times".  To physics your brain is a 
> motionless statue with neurons firing only on a timescale of aeons. 
> Even so, you live.

You are the only person I've seen use the term planck increment. 

Is it quantum physics term?  The term looks a little pseudo sciencey
to me but that could be because I am just plain ignorant. I am more
than usually cautious of any "science" I first meet on transhumanist
lists so apologies if its just plain ignorance on my part.

What is a planck increment? Is it standard physics or "alternative

Or to put it another way, if its a unit of time, how many planck
increments make up a single second of time?

Brett Paatsch

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