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Subject: [extropy-chat] Planck_units

>>What is a planck increment? Is it standard physics or "alternative
>>Or to put it another way, if its a unit of time, how many planck
>>increments make up a single second of time?
> google as always in your friend. E.g.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_units 

Thanks, I did Google on "Planck increment" which is what Eliezer
usually writes, including if I recall correctly in the front page of your
book Godplayers. 

It *might* be one of the better arguments against the need for continuity
(ie. that physics suggests that we don't, can't in fact have more than
the illusion of continuity now - if in fact it is physics that shows that)
but it, the argument, has got to be *understandable* to be convincing.   

Words matter. I didn't know what "planck increment" meant when
Eliezer said it, or indeed, if it meant anything.  

Brett Paatsch

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