[extropy-chat] Cryonics and uploading

Heartland velvethum at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 28 21:27:19 UTC 2006

> "Heartland" <velvethum at hotmail.com>
>> If I like chocolate (and I do :)) and and my brain has been scanned
>> destructively in order to make a copy then it's the copy that will
>> experience the pleasure of eating chocolate, not me.

> But unknown to you I made a destructive copy of you last night, but you
> still like chocolate. After that I decided to make a destructive copy of 
> you
> ever minute, but you still like chocolate. For the last half hour I have
> been making a destructive copy of you every nanosecond, but nevertheless
> something has continued, something still likes chocolate. I think that
> something is you.

I understand your point. Of course my copy will still like chocolate but my 
point is that the original is dead and will not *enjoy the feeling* of 
eating chocolate because his mind hardware is gone.

> And this is not just a thought experiment, like it or not you are
> undergoing a destructive copying process every day of your life. Nearly
> every one of your atoms is different from the ones you had 6 months ago.
>  John K Clark

This is basically a natural occurence of Moravec transfer which does 
preserve life. The reason why this transfer works is that it doesn't destroy 
the original mind process. Desctructive uploading does.

The reason why "the patern view" is wrong is that it assumes original can 
actually experience the sensation of being *through the copy*. If my perfect 
clone and I are in the room and he starts eating chocolate it doesn't mean 
that I will automatically feel chocolate in my mouth. Yet, according to "the 
pattern view" the guy jealously looking at his copy (me) should also feel 
the sensation of eating chocolate. Regardless of whether I'm inside the room 
or outside, alive or dead, I will not be able to taste it, and the level of 
accuracy to which the copy was created in my image will never change that 


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