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Subject: 	HACCP for Humans... lets think of a new name for this ?
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Hazards , Deviations and Countermeasures....

-Oxidative stress and antioxidants
-Inflammation and antiinflammatories
-Immune dysfunction and modulation both suppression and enhancement, 
spot and medium/long term duration.
-Symbiotic organism relationships , the concept of systemic biofilms in 
colon, stomach, mouth, teeth, vascular plaque, epidermal tissues ,  
dormant viral particles in cells, body appliances ( dentures, implanted 
joints, heart valves).... mangement of both the volume of symbiosis and 
nature of the organisms tolerated and rejected.
As Brij Verma said , there is much to be understood till the day comes 
when we can be like those shepherds he talked about and drink that
contaminated water without suffering any ill effects... it did not just 
happen, it was the result of a complex biological mechanism.
Of course the most important symbiotic organelle  relationship we have 
is with our mitochodria.

-Nutrigenomics and environmental genomic up and down regulation.

Current medicine simply cleans and sanitizes and repairs a few of the 
catastrophic failures in a  crude manner.

The human "plant" goes through a rapid degenerative cycle failing in a 
few short decades as some fundamental hazards are
not properly  dealt with and the fixes are insufficient to maintain  a 
"like new" condition to the "plant".

Obselescence is accepted and  reproduction is the accepted  response  to 
create cheap new replacements.

I will be bringing Raymond Kurzweil's book "Fantastic Voyage, Live long 
enough to live forever"
back with me and hope the concepts it espouses evoke at least some minor 

With the human body, it is first and foremost important to take the lead 
and take the position of
"HACCP Coordinator"  or at very least "HACCP Technician" for our body 
away from the State, Goverment , Lawmakers or Health providers and  
who are mostly acturarily based  socio-economic risk managers and
"take ownership"  of  our own personal "HACCP plan"..... or we will most 
certainly be statisitics  just like the last 10 billion or so humans.


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