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> "I'm not a religious man, but I believe in love and
> life and laughter. I believe in beauty and truth and
> goodness, and I believe these things are worth
> protecting, even though neither I nor anyone else
> can prove it; at some point I, like any civilized
> man, must resort to belief in the absence of
> evidence; for people who don't believe in beauty
> produce ugliness; people who don't believe in truth
> produce falsehood; and people who don't believe in
> good produce evil."
> I just want to point out that this is a beautiful
> piece of work. I didn't know if anyone else noticed
> since it was in the context of a larger discussions.

I did. And I think Russell did an admirable job of
defending faith, or as he called it, "belief in the
absence of evidence". I think the true worth of faith
is that it gives apriori value to the nobler aspects
of humanity.

Stuart Park La Forge
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"Thereupon, the Soul of Mother Earth bewailed, Should I accept the support of a feeble man and listen to his words? In fact I desired the aid of a strong and mighty king. When shall such a person arise and bring strong-handed succor to me?" -Yasna 29, verse 9 

"Now I am light, now I am flying, now I see myself beneath myself, now a God dances through me." - St. Nietzsche

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