[extropy-chat] forthright religionoists are to be appreciated

Ned Late nedlate2006 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 1 01:26:09 UTC 2006

One can be a total sick nut case and yet be quite sincere. What are Fred Phelps and his ilk hiding? Nothing.
  I'm all for gay rights & gay marriage, but appreciate it when Xians are forthright enough to identify themselves as homophobes. Unlike many Xians Fred Phelps comes right out and says he hates gays, you don't have to play games with him. Many Xians think: 'homosexuality is disgusting but I'll keep a smile on my face and act as if gays don't make me want to vomit'. These are closet homophobes; and though I disagree with them they have the right to feel this way. However I'd rather talk to Phelps than closet homophobes because then we two could get right down to serious discussion, no holding back.
  By his own Xian lights Phelps is thoroughly correct, the bible unambiguously condemns homosexuality, the bible doesn't say: "Thou art commanded by the living God to 'do thy Thing'-- If thine Thing is to be gay then let it all hang out because whatever feels good, Man, shalt ye do it. Because it's your Bag, sweety-baby".
  Personally I think much of the bible is outdated, but one could make a case that much of the American Constitution is outdated as well. But we wont go down that road, it would merely lead to unending argument.
    The man is a total sick nut case. His nonsense is also way outside the Baptist fold so the subject line is mistaken. 

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