[extropy-chat] The Gapminder World (google tools)

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Thu Jun 1 15:25:43 UTC 2006

Cool software!!  Explore your mind away.

The Gapminder World: Free software for a world in Motion


from http://tools.google.com/gapminder/howto.html

"What you see is a scatterplot where each bubble represents a country.
The position of the bubble is determined by the indicators on the axes.
The default indicators are income and life expectancy. The indicators
can be changed by clicking on their names and selecting a new indicator
from the list. The size of the bubble represents the population of the
country. The color represents the country's geographic region by
default, but it can be changed to show indebtness or income group
instead. To see what a certain color means, move the mouse over the
colored boxes to the right of the chart."


Income per capita in international dollars versus Life expectancy
(High income is not as necessary as you might think)

on the other hand this trend is obvious:

Income per capita in international dollars versus Child mortality
(but why is the US and South Africa anomalies?)


Carbon dioxide emissions as a function of Internet users..


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