[extropy-chat] Antarctica timezone(s)

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Jun 4 11:43:38 UTC 2006

> Ever wonder what time zones they use in Antarctica? Me too, especially
> since there are more than one station! I think that they don't visit
> each other often. ;-)
> http://www.statoids.com/taq.html
> I don't know why I find this interesting and amusing. I think that
> colonies on the Moon will face similar frontier timezone demarcations !

What I find funny is that DST is used in the American stations... Are we
nuts? Or am I so ignorant that I am misunderstanding? Isn't "daytime"
rather different at the poles?  What am I missing?  Surely there aren't
many crops for farmers to be working, to "take advantage of daylight
hours" with daylight savings time.... And they're not even changing on the
same date...

... DST, which I wish we'd do away with, personally.

Why are we so hung up on DST?


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