[extropy-chat] Simplifying Singularity

Lee Corbin lcorbin at tsoft.com
Mon Jun 5 03:57:15 UTC 2006

Anna writes

> Is this better?

> "The Singularity may be a moment in time when a new technology
> may change the course of humanity forever".

Sorry, it's not.  I mean (1) it *will* change the course, but 
(2) a lot of other things have also.  So it gives the mistaken
impression that technology changing the course of humanity
hasn't happened before.   Or a lot.

Maybe something like: "The Singularity will see a new technology
may changing the course of humanity with unprecedented speed."

> Again, still trying to find a sentence that the average Joe
> may understand.

Good luck!

> Thanks for taking your time Lee and Keith.

You are quite welcome.


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