[extropy-chat] evolution and bee tracheas

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Mon Jun 5 04:09:13 UTC 2006

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> > But computation is a millionth of potential limits?
> We may not have needed much for most of evolution and are now trapped in a
> bad solution like the insect trachea...
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> Anders Sandberg,
> Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
> Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University

Interesting comment.  I am trying to establish some bee colonies in Oregon.
The beekeepers there are fighting an infestation of mites that get into the
bee's trachea.  The mites do not actually slay the bee, but rather control
their numbers while living on the bee's blood.  This makes her sick and
unable to work as hard as she would otherwise.  This is a double tragedy for
a bee, for she then loses her identity in a sense, like a slow cheetah or a
shark with a finicky appetite.


The real tragedy is that there are no bugs that get inside mosquitoes and
devour those wretched beasts from the inside.  I propose we design a bug or
nanobot that devours only mosquito proboscises.  The result would be
billions of mosquitoes buzzing harmlessly about with big stupid
proboscisless looks on their faces.


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