[extropy-chat] Space: The Final Constraint

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Tue Jun 13 19:49:20 UTC 2006

>> They would also be suspicious of, if not outright
>> reject, the idea that all matter should be organized to maximize
>> computation and virtual experience,
> That's what I said!

I think I'm missing the point. Although I spend an inordinate amount of
time at the computer I love working in my garden and when things in my
life become stressful that is one thing I choose to do. You want I should
live in a grey concrete structure and only look at pictures of a garden?

And I love to play with my cats and my snakes. They comfort me. Their
strange beauty and the fact that they exist is amazing to me. Still. After
all these years. The astonishing variety of what is here on this earth
delights me. Yes, it's rough and painful and death filled, that's the way
it is now. But I do not see why we should destroy and discard the millions
of years of amazing evolutionary variety to turn into computer VR droid
type ... um ... people. Where is the living part? Why should I trade RL
for VR?  I'm not convinced.

Thanks but no thanks. If that's where we're headed, I'd like to be dead
before we get there.

Or perhaps I really do not understand you.


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