[extropy-chat] Uses to which Space Could Be Put (was Space: The Final Constraint)

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Wed Jun 14 10:15:53 UTC 2006

On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 05:22:35AM +0100, Russell Wallace wrote:

> For example, some people on this list have expressed a fairly gung-ho desire
> to ascend rapidly to superintelligence. I personally don't have an exact or

I have inasmuch a problem with that as a very rapid ascent could
result in mass extinction of lesser players. Because of this it
would be a good idea to initially put a dampener on the kinetics, until we
figure out how to deal with the neo-Amish problem without breaking
too much. I have no illusions that this is only postponing the
problem, but this also limits the problem scope, if accompanied with
incitements (more opportunities to hitch the ride). Ultimatively, 
even maintaining classical habitats might become economically 
nonsustainable. Ultimatively, computational substrate is also
subject to evolutionary resource allocation.

I don't think there is a real solution for this dilemma, but then,
we're not nearly there yet. 

> final answer to that, but I'm feeling inclined to stick closer to the human
> norm (albeit with uploading if and when that becomes available).

Same thing here -- but consensus interaction rate will shift
to the faster end, so bidirectional communication with anyone
left behind will ultimatively cease.
> As for what argument to give people who want to turn the Earth into a nature
> reserve once we no longer need it as a location for farms, mines and
> factories: what I want is to not have to argue. The response I want to be
> able to give is: "Cool, have fun with that. I'm off to the asteroid belt to
> get some dead matter to turn into computronium. Bye."

If this was a guaranteed reaction, and an irrreversible decision 
we wouldn't be talking about this right now.

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