[extropy-chat] reply attributions

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Jun 17 18:11:04 UTC 2006

On 6/17/06, spike wrote:
> ExIers, I have noticed several incorrect attributions in addition to this
> one.  Do pay close attention to this thanks.  Anna your email program seems
> to do something funky on attribution where it makes it somehow look like
> your own post is a reply to yourself.  I often can't tell who wrote what.  I
> don't know how to fix that, perhaps someone here does.  I am open to
> suggestion here.

According to the mail header, Anna is using the Yahoo webmail client.

I think the problem is that Anna is replying in HTML and is trying to
hack the message about to get round this.

The Extropy-chat and wta-talk lists prefer plain text messages.
Go to General Preferences, and click the box to 'Compose messages in
plain text'.
Also click the box for 'Include full original message when replying'.

Now when you click on 'Reply' you will get the Compose screen with the
complete previous message indented as standard.

Two more points.  :)

It is generally regarded as bad practice to quote the full message, so
you should highlight and delete the less important parts of the
message you are replying to.

Yahoo webmail seems to default to top posting for your reply, so you
should skip down and type your reply at the end of the message.

(That's why you just deleted some of the original message. Otherwise
every reader would have to skip down the whole previous message to get
to your reply at the end).  :)

You can also interleave your comments paragraph by paragraph, if you
want to split a very long reply up.

Best wishes,  BillK

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