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Anne-Marie Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Sun Jun 18 09:07:44 UTC 2006

Lee, don't take an offlist discussion and make it public, I've already been there, and done that.
  I said I was sorry for not writing in the proper terms.
  Lee Corbin <lcorbin at tsoft.com> wrote:
  Anna says she's just reading the archives, and replying from there.
Thanks for explaining in more detail how she might fix that.


BillK wrote

> According to the mail header, Anna is using the Yahoo webmail client.
> I think the problem is that Anna is replying in HTML and is trying to
> hack the message about to get round this.
> Anna,
> The Extropy-chat and wta-talk lists prefer plain text messages.
> Go to General Preferences, and click the box to 'Compose messages in
> plain text'.
> Also click the box for 'Include full original message when replying'.
> Now when you click on 'Reply' you will get the Compose screen with the
> complete previous message indented as standard.
> Two more points. :)
> It is generally regarded as bad practice to quote the full message, so
> you should highlight and delete the less important parts of the
> message you are replying to.
> Yahoo webmail seems to default to top posting for your reply, so you
> should skip down and type your reply at the end of the message.
> (That's why you just deleted some of the original message. Otherwise
> every reader would have to skip down the whole previous message to get
> to your reply at the end). :)
> You can also interleave your comments paragraph by paragraph, if you
> want to split a very long reply up.
> Best wishes, BillK

The best gets better. See why everyone is raving about the All-new Yahoo! Mail.  
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