[extropy-chat] Draft Paper on Boredom and Superlongevity

Mark Walker mark at permanentend.org
Mon Jun 19 13:20:20 UTC 2006

I've put an early draft of a paper here:
www.permanentend.org/walker/Boredom.html As usual, comments welcome. Below
is the abstract:

Abstract:  'Superlongevity' may be thought of as doubling (or more) the
human lifespan through the use of technology. Critics have argued that
superlongevity will inevitably lead to boredom, while proponents have denied
this claim. Rather than attempting to resolve the debate through theoretical
speculation, I argue that allowing persons to become superlongevitists can
be construed as an experiment to decide this issue. Further, the moral
benefits of conducting the experiment greatly outweigh the moral costs of
not running the experiment.



Dr. Mark Walker
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