[extropy-chat] Enigmatic object baffles supernova team

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Tue Jun 20 08:31:38 UTC 2006

On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 07:43:46PM -0700, Samantha Atkins wrote:

> What a strange article.  It variously says the object could be 5.5  
> billion light years away, 12 billion light years away or in our own  
> galaxy.  In short it doesn't seem we know much other than the raw  
> data.   Very odd.

I'm definitely missing information on this object's spectrum,
other than it's "weird". It would be of course very cool to
see drive signatures, or machines of gods, but of course that's
what they thought about first pulsars, too.

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