[extropy-chat] When did intelligence first emerge in theuniverse?

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Sun Jun 25 19:52:35 UTC 2006

Robert Bradbury Wrote:

> I have a lower pain threshold involved in setting aside the
> "conventional wisdom" than many people

It sounds like you're bragging about your contempt for the conventional but
that is not a virtue, it is far from it because the conventional wisdom is
usually right, not always but usually; or at least it's usually more right 
than any alternative being offered. Rejecting the conventional wisdom 
should be painful and done only with great reluctance; you have not
given me any reason why I should undergo such a rare and painful ordeal.

> I am to some extent hoping that people will point out flaws in the
>  logic and not simply point out the "conventional wisdom".

I have pointed out one very obvious flaw in your logic and done so
more than once, but you have not responded. If we can observe
that there was Dark Matter 13 billion years ago then how can it be
made of Jupiter Brains? And was it all just a huge coincidence
that the observed abundance of the elements in the universe 13
billion years ago agreed so closely with calculations made from the
conventional Big Bang theory? Impress me, make a calculation
with your wacky theory that does even better than the conventional
Big Bang theory about what we actually see. Do that and I solemnly
promise I will retract the word "wacky".  I will  do more, I will
nominate you for a Noble prize in Physics.

 John K Clark

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