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Ah, the memories of food in Italy is a fond one for me.  My family and I
lived in Naples 1977-80.  Croquettes, chicken fried in old oil used to cook
calimari, vino, cafe expresso, and capucchino; especially when working the
night watch.  One treat is mozzarella cheese made with the milk of water
buffalo.  Mozzarella cheese made in the U.S. is an ersatz bland version.
Have you tried it?

< http://www.mozzarelladibufala.org/allestimento.htm >


Amara Graps wrote:

>>Cooking is long since automated (after all, the idea is pretty simple:
>>pop a pizza in the microwave and heat it as quickly as possible), but
>>people still enjoy doing it.
>>Aiii, apples and oranges.  Russell, Russell, Russell ... Julia Child is
>>spinning in her grave.  And foodies all over the world are shaking their
>>heads "Tsk, tsk, tsk ..." :)
>from my collection of vignette stories June 2005
>--------{begin quote}
>One reason that Italian cuisine is so good is that most Italians
>think of food frequently throughout the day. Planning, thinking,
>preparing, so that by mealtime, they have put far more thought into
>their meal than any other culture I know.
>One afternoon when I visited the National Etruscan Museum at Villa
>Giulia (Rome) with Silke, we discovered the reason behind the
>Italians' food thought-processes. They have had 2000 years to
>develop it from the Etruscans! At the museum we saw an exhibit
>titled 'Etruscans and Food', where we saw descriptions of the
>contents of their food, how they prepared their food, and how they
>ate their food (dinnerware). So you see you can do it too, but
>you might need 2000 years for your brain develop the skill...
>-----------{end quote}

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